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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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we'll show you whe good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the first major storm of the season may have brought with it much-needed rain. but it's also causing a few problems around the bay area. a road collapse in the oakland hills near skyline boulevard, and tonight crews are still on the scene trying to make
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repairs. nbc bay area's monty francis is on the scene with an update for us. hello, monty. >> east bay mud crews have been here all evening long, trying to repair a water main that broke as a result they say of the road collapsing. you can see here behind me the crews are still here at this late hour. i'm told at least 55 homes here are still without water service. crews worked late into the night trying to repair a four-inch water main that runs under oakdale drive. the water main broke when early saturday morning ooeps bay mud says heavy rain caused the ground to give way on this winding road. and at least 50 feet of pavement and a huge tree fell down a steep slope landing on the roadway below. >> we've got 4,200 miles of pipe under ground. and hillsides like this and flats and everywhere else are the other. >> reporter: resident mark spandorf took these photos.
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another looking up, another showing the trees and debris that came crashing down. as dramatic as the pictures are, people who live here say they're not surprised and something similar happened in the late '90s. they're just thankful no one was hurt. >> we have lived here for 17 years and it happened on snake, probably '98 or '99. it happened on thorndale about two years ago. so it's just the reality of living in the hills. >> we sort of worry about it every year when the heavy rain, especially when it hasn't been raining all year, then all of a sudden downpour like last night. >> reporter: despite the fact that part of the road is now gone all of the people who live in this neighborhood still have access to their homes. with oakdale drive closed indefinitely, residents are having to take detours to get in and out of the neighborhood. east bay says it hopes to have water service restored to 55 homespy 1:00 this morning. the power was out for 166 homes.
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i talked to pg&e and they say power was turned back on at about 5:30 tonight. as for the road itself there's no estimate on when it will reopen. i'm told not to expect that to happen any time soon. live tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. the storm caused some flooding as well. the worst of it at candlestick park. for more on that and the big game day forecast, we want to check in with rob mayeda. >> good thing the game wasn't today because of all that heavy rain that fell last night into this morning. candlestick park, the parking lot looked more like a lake. earlier this morning, you can see earlier today we had almost a foot of standing water in the parking lot outside the main gate there. it took until the afternoon to pump that water out. you see the blue skies above. we did catch a break in between storm two which carried into this morning to storm three which is on our doorstep right now. you can see the clouds spilling into the bay area.
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as we head into tomorrow morning we will start to see lighter rain. 3:30 in the afternoon it looks like rain developing. wind will be a factor too. 15 to 25 miles per hour. as we quickly show you the hour by hour forecast for tomorrow. this is the light rain we'll wake up to in the morning. scattered showers through lunchtime. here you go, right around the start of the game, the rain starting to fill on in, in and out of the raindrops. one change perhaps in the forecast. notice the heavier rain now holding off until we get into just after midnight. we'll track those changes as we go through the next 24 hours plus a lot of snow heading toward the sierra. a look at a very wintry wrap-up to the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. as. >> rain means snow in tahoe, welcome to the ski resorts. it made getting there tough. 8 inches of snow fell in a matter of hours yet yesterday. that put chain installers pack in bus.
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cal trans out in full force trying to keep the roads to tahoe clear. chains are required tonight on 50 and 80. >> i'm surprised it took this long but i'm happy it's here and trying to get some snowboarding in. >> it's great. i think it will boost the tourism in the area. >> i saw a couple spinning around. >> the ski resorts reported as much as 2 feet of new snow at the summit. the rained at the base of most of the resorts. despite the storm the snowpack is still one of the lowest on record to date. san francisco mayor ed lee is asking ross to reconsider his role as city sheriff tonight. the mayor is questioning whether murk reasonny can effectively carry out duties as sheriff while facing criminal charges of domestic violence. according to the "san francisco chronicle" lee stopped short of calling for him to take leave of absence. both the sheriff and his wife deny any abuse occurred. thursday the judge ordered the sheriff to stay away from his
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family until the trial is over. as mayor lee has the power to suspend an elected official for misconduct and start the removal process. an armed man responsible for an hours-long standoff with oakland police today is still on the loose tonight. investigators say the man shot two people around 10:30 this morning in east oakland before running into a nearby building and barricading himself inside. more than six hours later when a s.w.a.t. team entefshd the building they found the empty. police accidentally started a fire when they launched a flash bang grenade into that building. one of the victims in the shooting has life-threatening injuries. also in oakland dozens gathered to protest big banking practices connected to the occupy movement. some protesters closed bank of america accounts today as part of the event called share the fortune. the group calls itself the 99% and said it's taking this action because it feels corporations such as b of a aren't paying its
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fair share of taxes. members say they know their contribution may be small but it's necessary. >> it's symbolic. bank of america is not investing in our children, we're not going to invest our money in them. also i think that we want to contribute. we're mothers, mothers of young families, we're super-busy, we want to show people that even as busy as we are we are willing to stand up for what we see our children need. >> the action was planned to coordinate with the lunar new year. in south carolina today, republican voters did something they have never done before. newt gingrich won the primary and in so doing made history. never before have there been three different winners of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. nbc's steve handelsman has a look at what newt gingrich has to say about his win tonight. >> reporter: the triumphant peak in a roller coaster ride. >> we want to run an american
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campaign. >> reporter: newt gingrich polled 20 points ahead in south carolina, then fell 10 behind, and won big tonight. >> it's not that i am a good debater. it is that i articulate the deepest-felt values of the american people. >> reporter: gingrich broke through in two debates here, sounding tough and confident. >> i think grandiose thoughts, this is a grandiose country. >> reporter: south carolinians who decided late went for gingrich. tea partyers and evangelicals too. mitt romney stumbled admitting he paid a tax rate of 15%, not releasing his returns. he got slammed by his rivals and tonight fired back. >> when my opponents attack success and free enterprise, they're not only attacking me, they're attacking every person who dreams of a better future. he's attacking you. >> reporter: rick santorum ran third but vowed to continue. ron paul too, but not in florida, the next contest. that's where romney is better financed and organized.
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but where gingrich now goes with momentum and full fight. >> if you want your children to have a life of independency and paychecks you have a candidate that's newt gingrich and i bet you we have votes everywhere. >> reporter: the gingrich/mommy tie gets broken in ten days. florida will be an extensive battle. heavy with advertising. it's shaping up as negative and nasty. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, columbia, south carolina. and still ahead at 11:00, the captain of the cruise ship disaster off italy has a new explanation who why he hasn't the last on board. how two lucky fans scored tickets to tomorrow's all-important niner game. we'll show you.
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all new, from honda. in italy, 12 people are now confirmed dead and 20 are still missing after that cruise ship disaster. rescue crews say they found the body of a woman in a narrow corridor towards the rear of the ship. divers have been wanting to search that area for days because it was an emergency meeting spot, a place passengers would have gone after the alarm was raised. this is video of crews searching that area. the coast guard says crews will continue to search for survivors and bodies as long as the conditions are safe. >> we decide to send just one team at a time. because a lot of people, there is more, because there is not space to move with everything you need under water. so we keep searching until the conditions of our rescue team are okay. >> also tonight, a newly
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released recording from the night of the crash has the captain telling a coast guard official that he would have been the last person to remain on the ship but he claims he tripped off the ship, fell into the water, and was rescued by a boat. he says he insisted they bring him back but they refused. that is opposite of another recording that has the coast guard ordering him to return to the boat and the captain refusing. the captain remains under house arrest. as mentioned and as nearly everyone in the bay area knows the niners have a really big game tomorrow at candlestick. let's check in with henry at comcast sports net. what is going on? the niners have a big day tomorrow. >> i think everyone's nervous about this game locally, diane. coming up in sports the san francisco giants make an offer to tim lincecum. was it good enough for the freak to refuse? all right, and we're less than 24 hours away from the nfc title
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game at candlestick park. the new york giants have arrived in san francisco. all of this and more next from the xfinity sports desk.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. of course we're ready for some football. it's the east coast versus west coast match that everyone in the bay area is talking about. 49ers and new york giants will trade hits tomorrow at candlestick in the nfc championship game. winner is headed to super bowl xlvi to face the patriots or ravens. let's get the latest on the 49ers. they are meeting the giants for the second time this season. first meeting was november 13th, a game that went down to the wire. 49ers won 27-20 after the defense found a way to stop the giants in the red zone. 49ers are extremely confident heading into the game tomorrow.
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>> you've damn sure got to be confident. and all these guys are. and if you're not, you know, both teams expect, you know, coming into this game with a great deal of confidence. >> we're focused. but at the same time we're loose. and you know, that comes from our head coach. and you know, he allows us to be football players and to make plays. and that's what we're doing. we're very focused on what question have to do and we know what's at stake. >> let's fly over to baseball. reportedly tim lincecum and the san francisco giants are close to agreeing on a contract. according to yahoo! sports, $4 million is preventing lincecum from signing a deal. yahoo! sports says the giants offered their ace a two-year deal for $40 million. lincecum countered by asking for $44 million over two years. all right, to basketball. stanford and washington. pick it up in the second half.
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stanford on the break. there's the jumper right there. washington state cougars getting the job done. then late in the game, 4 seconds remaining. ball eventually goes to jose gutierrez for the win. it's not going to happen. bears come up short, losing on the road. however, they remain in a tie for first in the pac-12 standings, they're 6-2 in the conference. over to stanford and washington now. pick it up in the second half. stanford on the fastbreak. jaret mann finishes with the easy lay-up. stanford down five. washington went on a huge run to put this game out of reach. tony wroten finds terrence ross for the dunk. six minutes to go. take a look at that exclamation point. wroten with the alley-oop to darnell gantt. washington wins 76-63. to the ice now.
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sharks versus vancouver canucks. straight to the third period. game tied 2-2. ryan kesler scores, canucks up 3-2. hold on to your horses. less than 40 seconds later. dan boyle. would score the equalizer. however, vancouver canucks get the final say in this game. go on to win 4-3 is the final. all right. that will do it for tonight. don't forget tomorrow complete highlights on the san francisco 49ers as they take on the new york giants. all the talk is done, it's time for the men to step on that gridiron and start trading hits, diane. >> you're going to have a half hour special tomorrow night at 11:30, right? >> absolutely. you know we're going to do it and we'll have much more coverage after that throughout the week. let's count on the niners win that will game. >> we're going to the super bowl, absolutely. all right, thanks, henry.
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in san francisco, a newly married couple received quite the surprise today. they won two tickets to the niners game tomorrow. the recreation and parks department announced yesterday it was holding a cot ntesinto contest to find its biggest fan. they wanted people to use facebook and twitter to tell them why they liked the department and the prize was two playoff tickets. jolie and ben crawson were married in san francisco. the couple tweeted a photo of their first kiss, with thought bubbles in which jolie is fantasizing about the quarterback, ben dreaming about the gold rush girls. >> this has been fantastic. thank you, san francisco rec and parks, we love it. >> the couple had a lot of competition. the recreation and parks department received 1,000 posts and tweets in less than 24 hours. right now we're checking in with rob mayeda. what is going on weather-wise for us? >> right now we're seeing a bit of a break in between systems. you might notice if you've been
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outside this evening it's chilly use. we've got 30s and 40s outside with clouds spilling in. i don't think our temperatures are going to be dropping off much more than we're seeing outside right now. temperatures around the bay area. 39 in napa and santa rosa. 39 in livermore. 42 in san jose. at this hour last night we had all that warm rain coming down. we were in the upper 50s. a little bit of a change in terms of temperatures. not much wind right now. by this time tomorrow night winds of cranking up as the low tracks across the north bay coast later on for sunday night. right now light rain offshore. the may line county coastline, sonoma county. the majority of of the moisture sitting hereof shore. during the day tomorrow, what you'll notice, mostly cloudy skies. looks like light to moderate rain during the day. most of it, especially from the peninsula north, highs only in the low to mid 50s. winds picking up 15 to 30 miles per hour. the main event in terms of heavy rain for now looks to be after sunset. we'll see periods of heavy rain for the north bay along with gusty winds as that surface low
11:22 pm
tracks north of the bay area right around midnight tomorrow night. the rainfall projections now, you'll notice up until game time, we're looking at .25 or .5 inches. watch what happens past 7:00. you're starting to see the potential for 2 to 3 inches of rain in coastal hills of the north bay. the ground is saturated. we'll have to watch those areas monday morning for localized runoff issues. tomorrow morning temperatures mainly where they are right now, 30s and 40s outside now that the clouds are spilling in. the rain fills in. we shouldn't see temperatures drop off much more than they are. noon tomorrow, breezy, periods of rain. as we get towards 4:00. we'll see highs running pretty cool. we should see those numbers mid 50s, low 50s around san francisco. and progressively we think turning wetter as the game rolls on towards 7:00 and 8:00. we'll see the rain filling in. heaviest rain around 9:00 tomorrow evening into 9:00 a.m. monday morning. here's the bad news in the
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many bay area football fans will be cheering on the 49ers tomorrow, in fact most. there be some bay area folks who will be rooting for the new york giants. at least one of their players in particular. that's because he grew up right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's kimberly terry spoke with his childhood friends tonight and is in concord with the story for it. >> reporter: david toll lesson grew up in concord and went to high school here where he played football and made his mark among friends. >> he is brought down at midfield. >> reporter: number 71 david tollefson is a hometown boy. hailing from concord, tollefson was drafted by the green bay packers and spent time with the raiders before moving to new
11:26 pm
york. >> he's always been a standout. >> not because he's the biggest guy or the strongest person. it's because his heart beats a lot more stronger than anybody else on that football field. i truly believe that. >> reporter: tollefson is still close to friends from exampigna valley high school who are proud of where he is. >> it was always about football. to see him make the nfl, a dream of his, it's pretty nice. >> reporter: one of his friends coaches football as an al-may mater and uses david as an example of how hard work can pay off. >> i use david. david came from where we came from. from the same house, the same family, the same school. you know? with the same problems. >> have a dream, make a decision. dave made a decision, i'm taking football to the next level. >> reporter: while some of his friends admit they live
11:27 pm
vicariously through tollefson, when it comes to the nfc championship game the line between friendship and fan becomes muddled. >> it's tough. two friends fighting. it's interesting. >> i wish dave a great game. if he gets a sack i'll cheer for him. but i do want the 49ers to win. >> reporter: game aside, end of the day these friends say it's just good to have tollefson back in the bay area. >> he's in the nfl. but to us he's not an nfl superstar. to us he's chip, the guy who played tight end and outside linebacker for the ignacio valley warriors and was our teammate. >> reporter: this is a green of guys who lived in each other's houses growing up. though their lives have taken them in different directions they keep in touch with facebook, texting and an occasional visit. >> rob and i were enjoying the fact that tollefson has a niner
11:28 pm
hat on in that picture. that tells us something about tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is up next, have a good night. ♪
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